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Friday, January 19, 2007

Free sample for my readers to claim

After I have blog on Skin MD Natural the day before yesterday. I received an email from Dan Mueller, President of 21st Century Formulations which distribute Skin MD Natural's skincare product to ask whether he can offer myself and my sister some bottle of Skin MD Natural 's skincare product.

I am not sure what he mean"offer". Do I need to pay for it? Or it is FOC? While I am still waiting clarification from Mr Dan Mueller. I decide to offer my free sample packets to my reader for free. If I and my sister would get a bottle for free and the fact that I still have not start testing the product yet.

Like blogger Paris beaverbanks , I offer 2 sample packs each for every reader or more depending on the respond. You just need to email your name (need not be real) and your correspondence address and I will mail it to you on a first come first serve basis while the stock last. I will bear the postage as well.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Skincare product sample for free?

Beauty and cosmetic blogger like to receive free sample product to test. As a male blogger in this industry. It is difficult for me to test the product as I am not a regular user of skincare nor cosmetic product.

However, I received an email last month from Pete Grimaldi to see if I would be interested in reviewing their product Skin MD Natural ( This is the first request I received since I blog on the industry.

I send an email to another beauty and cosmetic blogger MJ to informed her about the request and suggest her to email to Pete Grimaldi of Skin MD Natural to request a sample from him to test. I feel Mr Pete would be glad to do that.

MJ send me a review she found on the net here. Very kind of you, thank you , MJ. However, MJ stated : Why not you sample it 1st? I think Pete Grimaldi would like you to write a review on Skin MD Natural in your blog and possibly sell it to your customers.

The company claim that: In order for any moisture to actually improve a dry skin condition it needs to get below the second major layer of skin. In reality the only moisture that is going to reach this level is your skin's own natural moisture.

When you apply any traditional artificial moisture to the skin's surface you are often sending the wrong signal - that your skin is being adequately moisturized, when in fact it is actually dehydrated of natural moisture. This often results in reducing your skin's production of the natural moisture needed to actually resolve a dry skin condition.

Unlike artificial moisturizers, Skin MD Natural bonds with the outer most layer of skin cells to turn it into what works like an invisible shield. The company claim

I have received the sample already. I gave a packet to my sister to try it. My sister is a veteran in this industry. She once operate a beauty salon herself. However, she concentrate on whole selling business now and have vast contact with beauty salon in my home state. I ask her the other day when I meet her about the product. She said she only remember to try it once, thus, unable to give any comment yet. However, base on just one trial. She feel that the lotion absorb very fast to her skin and become very dry and clean. Unlike some other product you might feel oily and sticky.

Before I start trying the product. I research the product by go throught their website first. I found their website offer free sample to everybody. However, you have to pay for the postage. You can Send A Self Addressed Stamped Envelope To

21st Century Formulations
Free Sample Offer
9663 Santa Monica Blvd.,
Suite 860Beverly Hills,
CA 90210

or alternatively, if you are not reside in US and do not have a US's stamp. You can get 2 of these samples for only a $2.00 postage and handling fee by going to their secure Ordering Page.

The website stated "If you are not completely happy with the samples, we will even refund your $2.00 when you return the packets"

You can wait for my review within the next two weeks, hopefully. Or you can read the review by Alison McCormick,Editor of Empowerment 4 Women Online Magazine first.

Skin MD Natural in Taiwan-Star Like-品邁國際行銷有限公司 Forward Marketing International Company Ltd

Skin MD Natural in Korea


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Friday, January 05, 2007

Top 8 highest hit page on my blog in 2006

Top 8 highest hit page on my blog in 2006

1 Home Page

2 Local brand Bio-essence and Ginvera

Congratulation, Bio-essence and Ginvera. This two brand was the highest search page on my blog on yearly,monthly weekly and even daily basis. This is not bad achievement for a local brand. A lot of my relative also using such product and they said is really effective.

I have received an email from a Roni Frumkes from France on such post. Excerpt:

You mention there the AC Nielson report where the cosmetics company Bio-Essence was ranked in your report as No 4 skincare product in Malaysia and Singapore, after Olay, Loreal and Neutrogene. And if only in face care category, Bio-Essence rank No 1.

I appreciate if you could let me know which report it is and will be very very grateful if you have its copy or even executive summary that you wouldn't mind sharing.

As I have time constrains. I just forward the email to Ginvera. I do not have the AC Nielsen report with me. However, the news was publish on mainstream newspaper like China Press and business magazine like Shanghai by The Star.

I never received feedback from both Roni and Ginvera since then. Hope he get what he want. If not, may be he can contact AC Nielsen directly.

3 Elianto provide business opportunity to UMNO puteri member

Congratulation! Elianto. When I post the page on my blog. I think Elianto just have 2 to 5 outlet in Malaysia. I have received an email from a reader call bibiana Chu. Excerpt:

I've heard bout the brand thru a friend and recently come across in the mag. My friend had bought it from KL Genting and since using it, have recommended to friends. The main problem is we cant buy the products from Kuching here. We are interested to know how we can buy or sell the products here if possible.

As usual. I just forwarded the email to Elianto. I have received a lot of click from's chinese forum page since then. However, I unable to find the thread on do do not know what they write about. Anybody can tell me.

Today, Elianto have outlet in many shopping centre in Malaysia including Kuching, if not mistaken. Elianto should be the fastest growing cosmetic company in Malaysia in 2006.

4. October 2005 Archive

5 December 2005 Archive

6 South Korea cosmetic brand in Malaysia

7 November 2005 Archive

8 South Korea cosmetic brand and plastic surgery

I have removed the monthly archive page from my blog in middle of the year. As the page to too large to load. It is difficult to ascertain which page my reader search for as well.

Other than's Chinese forum. I have received a lot of click from Malaysian Again, I unable to find the thread from the forum that link to my blog. Link to which page?. My guess is Bio-essence. Anybody can tell me?

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Top 10 event in Beauty Biotech industry in Year 2006 (updated)

qnDamaged in last week's earthquake off southern Taiwan on internet access plus my own tight schedule cause the delay of such post.

However, my friend said it better late than never.

Top 10 event in Beauty Biotech industry in Year 2006

1 L’Oreal acquired The Body Shop

2 "The Body Shop" franchise in Malaysia sold by Bolton for RM80m at a Management Buyout (MBO)

3 INS legal battle with Lim Chew Yin and Yigaho

4 P&G Halts SK-II Cosmetics Sales in China

5 Pig farmer in Malaysia used banned beta agonist (BA)
Pig farmer in Malaysia used banned beta agonist because the price of a legal growth-inducing substance, Ractopamine by Eli Lily's animal health unit: Elanco, costs three times higher than Beta Agonist.

6 Mystery death of Malaysia's cosmetic surgery centres operators in China

7 F&N buying Nestle milk operation

8 Scrapped listing Hospitech Resources Bhd and GP Ocean Food on Mesdaq

Hospitech Resources Bhd and GP Ocean Food Bhd. Hospitech — manufacturer of disposable hospital equipment — made history by aborting its IPO exercise the day before it was scheduled to trade on Mesdaq on April 20. The company had raised more than RM12 million from its listing to build a new factory and repay borrowings. The IPO was oversubscribed by 18.4 times. The company voluntarily withdrew its listing after the SC started probing into its financial history upon receiving information from a whistleblower. The listing proceeds were refunded to investors. The regulator unearthed falsified documents such as sales invoices and as a result, Hospitech's managing director Jimmy Goh Kai Tong was slapped with a RM500,000 fine. Barely two months later, GP Ocean, a seafood processor, withdrew its listing plans following a probe by the SC into a possible breach in securities laws, also on a whistleblower's tip.

GP Ocean's chairman and former SC chairman Datuk Ali Abdul Kadir said at the time that the company was postponing its listing in order to strengthen the company. He has since resigned from his position. The GP Ocean case also hit the limelight because it had big name investors like the Razak Foundation and Rio Capital Sdn Bhd, which was owned by Ali, Datuk Azman Yahya and Datuk Amin Rafie Othman.

9 Song Hae-Gyo (宋慧乔) dropped as Etude spokeperson

10 Elianto fastest growing cosmetic company in Malaysia in 2006 at least in term of number of outlet

11 France honours Dr Lam who discover Nipah virus

Blog that link to this page: Nerdy Science Blog

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Monday, October 09, 2006

Taiwan's GLC in beauty and cosmetic industry, from salt to biotechnology

Taiwan veteran and most successful beauty and cosmetic brand is driven by private sector company call Sofnon. Sofnon own several international brand like New York Always Black , German Nobori, low cost product for teenages PLUS+ , and Italy in Ocean. Chairman,Champion Huang started the company in 1977.

In 2001, Taiyen or Taiwan Salt Industrial Corporation(A GLC) diversified to biotechnology and beauty and cosmetic industry. In 2003, the company has become a giant in beauty and cosmetic industry in Taiwan. Beauty and cosmetic industry become a strategic industry that promoted by Taiwan government. With low entry barrier lead to a number of new entrant in the industry.

To date, Sofnon and Taiyen remain the leader in the industry.

Bio Core Inc, one of the top three biotechnology company in US, invested 1.7 billion in Research and introduced Nano & Biotechnology series of Collagen products for medical treatment. Bio Core claim that there are the first company to obtain FDA approvals for sale of collagen based wound care products in it website.

Taiyen, uses Collagen products from Bio Core Inc and turn it into Pharmaceutical type products namely Medifil and Skin Temp II which are commonly use in the hospital for diabetic patient with chronic lesion and also burned patient for skin repair treatment respectively also known as skin grafting surgery.

The product is suitable for use on all kinds of cuts and wounds on the skin, such as burnt skin, scalded skin, difficult to heal wounds of diabetics patients. The result are exceedingly proven.

Taiyen together with Bio Core spent 1.5 billion to develop this technology.

International cosmetic brand Coco Chanel try to bid for the distribution right from Taiyen but Taiyen eventually grant the right to a direct selling company in Taiwan call Topoa.

The company have a series of product. However, their flagship product call Bio Collagen A+B Skin Repair Essence. A few of my friends used to spend RM5,000 for 5 treatment in beauty salon, this mean each treatment equivalent to RM1,000 but they never see their improvement on their skin after 5 treatment.

Most of my friends who spend just RM424 on the product claim that the result is much more visible after a few day. Their husband also claim that this low cost product is far more effective than the expensive treatment from beauty salon.

This is because the product developed using a technology use by pharmaceutical product to heal burn patient.

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Avon and Mary Kay

Avon and Mary Kay both are focus direct selling company beauty and cosmetic industry. Job or career opportunity to ladies are limited at the point of both company found. Thus, both company claim to be a job provider to ladies when job opportunity for lady is limited. Even now, both company also claim to be providing "business opportunity" for aspires lady enterpreneur.

Avon was founded by a guy call David H. McConnell in 1886 whereas Mary Kay was founded by a lady call Mary Kay in 1963.

In 1990, Avon was diversified to too many non core business and the company was in trouble. Amway, a health care direct selling company offer a take over bid to take over the management control of Avon. Later, Mary Kay, a much younger company also join in the bandwagon to bid for the company.

Avon rejected both deal, which they view as hostile take over. Avon claim thier company is disimilar with Amway as both company in different indsutry. Avon in beauty and cosmetic while Amway in health care nutrition industry.

Even with Mary Kay. Avon also claim their customer base is different from Mary Kay! Which until now I do not understand.

Avon, after divesting those non core business. Now become 6th largest beauty & cosmetic company in the world while I never saw Mary Kay on the top 10 list.

One of the ruling party in Malaysia UMNO, it Puteri UMNO division claim that majority of their member are unemployed. This is how serious our country unemployed rate especially among bumiputra lady graduate in Malaysia.

As both company Avon and Mary Kay have operation in Malaysia. And both company claim to provide "Business Opportunity" to lady. Perhaps unemployed lady graduate might approach one of the above company!

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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Shiseido, the first to set up counter at Department Store in Asia

Shiseido is the largest beauty and cosmetic company in Japan and it rank No 5 in the world largest beauty and cosmetic company. After Loreal,Unilevel,P&G and Estee Lauder.

Shiseido, Loreal and Estee Lauder is consider the only three focus company in top 10 beauty and cosmetic company in the world. Others like Unilevel and P&G is diversified company in other industry as well, like food and detergent.

Loreal and Estee Lauder acquired a lot of brand over the years. However, to maintain each individual brand is an expensive process. Each brand must have achieve a critical mas and economic of scale to cover cost of spoke person, R&D, cost of international channel.

Unilevel and P&G has start streamlining their brand over the years and only maintain their first and second brand in each category.

Shiseido also face the problem of too much secondary brand.Which face difficulty in resources allocation. A lot of brand unable to recoup the resources invested.

Thus, Shiseido plan to streamline it brand from 140 to 35 (Like Za, Uno and Fitit) at the end of 2005. This will further reduce to 20.

Loreal, however view that if you have 5 or 6 brand in each channel , you may have problem of too many brand and overlap in investment. But if you only have 2 brand, it is insufficient. Loreal now have 4 brand (L'Oreal Professional, Redken, Matrix and Kerastase) under it haircare professional product.It is function much better than only have 2 brand (L'Oreal Professional and Kerastase)previously.

Taiwan Sofnon chairman,Champion Huang which own several international brand like New York Alway Black , German Nobori, low cost product for teenages JUSTa100 ,Japanese herb PLUS+ , and Italy in Ocean said that Shiseido is the first company that market their product via professional counter in Department Store. This is a one of the Japanese marketing and management method.

In Malaysia, Shiseido is distributed by Tung Pau, a wholly own subsidiary of Warisan TC Holdings Bhd previously.

Warisan TC Holdings Bhd, a company under Tan Chong Group, which distribute Japan Nissan car in Malaysia. Their connection build up with Japanese during they become distributor of Nissan vehicle enable them to secure a franchise of Shiseido in Malaysia.

With globalization and liberalization of trade. A lot of automobile company take back the distribution right like Honda.

Beauty and cosmetic company Shiseido also doing the same. Shiseido Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a 50-50 joint-venture company between the Shiseido group and Warisan TC Holdings Bhd set up to handle the distribution of Malaysia since April 2005. Thus, now the distribution of Shiseido in Malaysia is operate by Japanese despite Warisan TC Holdings Bhd still half 50% shares.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Estee Lauder largest focus beauty & cosmetic company control by US

Estee Lauder (1907-2004) invented her first product Super Rich All-Purpose Cream at the age of 18. She market her products via conducting party among housewife at the initial stage but her product available for sales in Department store not long after that. She is the first person market her product by giving sample set in the beauty and cosmetic industry.

However, her product unable to affect the dominant position of Helena Rubinstein (HR) and Elizabeth Arden at that point of time, until she launch her first Fragrance, Youth Dew in 1953. Youth Dew fragrance lifted Estee Lauder to become one of the leading brand name in beauty and cosmetic industry in US.

Estee Lauder launch another star product Clinique in 1967. Clinique signify that it is a product that would not cause sensitive reaction from skin.

Like Loreal, Estee Lauder also growth via merger and acquisition. It has acquired a lot of brand over the year. Among them include Stila, Aramis, Prescriptives, Origins, M.A.C., Bobbi Brown, Tommy Hiltiger, La Mer, Donna Karan, Aveda, Jo Malone, Bumble and bumble, kate spade beauty, Darphin, Michael Kors and Rodan + Fields.

Estee Lauder now is the largest focus (not divesified like P&G) beauty & cosmetic company control by American (Loreal control by French)

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Friday, November 11, 2005

How SK-II become market leader from nearly bankrupt

SK-II is a product under a US company call Max
Factor. Thus, before I start talking about SK-II. Lets talk about Max Factor.

Max Factor is a make-up artist, complete his study in Russia and work as make-up apprentice in an opera performing company. Due to his passion on ladies movies star. He started his own retail business.

In 1936, Max Factor has become a leading cosmetic company in US. He build his reputation with cooperation with Hollywood movies star.

Max Factor is a family business as all his 4 sons work for the company. But non of it daughter in law work for the company. Thus, The company is manage and dominance by male even this is a famine business.

Max Factor family later dispose off the company and the new owner listed the company in stock Exchange in 1961. However, the new owner dispose to another company in 1971. He claim than operating a public listed cosmetic company is not fun as much of his time emphasis on profit and growth rather than creative and beauty previously.

A scientist in Japan, in search for a cure for his friend sickness, accidentally found a yeast called saccharomycopsis has successfully cure his friend illness. They name it Pitera. The scientist then sell the recipe formula to Max Factor in Japan.

In 1980, Max Factor launch it first product base on the recipe formula. They call it success Key initially. Only second generation product, they call it SK-II which used until today.

Procter and Gamble (P&G) acquired Max Factor (including SK-II ) in 1991. However, as the company used to sell detergent and pampers or what we call mass market product. This is first time P&G enter into beauty & cosmetic industry. Max Factor making loss of USD30million for continuously 3 years accumulating total loss of USD100million.

A 30 years old brand manager of Olay product in Taiwan's P&G's Olay division, Michelle was send to Japan as SK-II brand manager January 1994. She does not know Japanese language at that point of time.

Michelle was the third batch of brand manager assigned to revive the brand. The company has try numerous method but fail. Thus, an out of the box or breakthrough strategy was needed.

SK-II, despite an unpopular product with merely 5% of the population heard of it at that point of time, have a batch of loyal customer including movies star and royal family. It market through word of mouth.

Michelle, look for a spoke person for SK-II among it loyal customer. They decide to used Momoi Kaori (right picture) eventually. She is 45 years old at that point of time. Michelle also replace the TV advertisement prepared by the advertising company with a black & white advertorial in magazine.

After the launch of the new promotion. Sales start picking up and the division stop bleeding. Thus now the target is to become top mega brand in Japan.

She convinced P&G in Japan to allocate 50billion yen budget for TV advertising expenses. They also provide a hotline on the TV advertisement for customer to call up to request for sample product. From the first day of the launch of TV commercial, they received 100 thousand call. They retrieved the hotline number after 5 days as they only prepare 500 thousand sample sets.

It take 7 days for the yeast to convert to Pitera like brewing alcohol. It become the factory unable to produce enough to meet demand. Whole country women age 35 to 50 in Japan are talking about SK-II.

Michelle get promoted immediately. P&G in Taiwan & Hong Kong also shooting similar TV advertisement using local spoke person. P&G hq in US also consider launching the product in North American.

Later, Michelle launch another TV commercial to target for customer age below 35. She used same spoke person Momoi Kaori describing she start using the product since at the age of 20.

Michelle however, request to transfer to other department after that. P&G transfer her to hair care product Pantene division. She has left P&G now.

Spoke person Momoi Kaori career in entertainment industry pick up again after such incident

P&G acquired Cover Gil in late 1990 and hair care product Wella in 2003.

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Liewcf reply

I have a post regarding Liewcf resignation on 19 September 2005. I ask whether he able to share his knowledge on beauty and cosmetic industry with me as he previously work in this industry.

After nearly one month only I get a response from him. He post a response on 23 October 2005 and his reply are as follow:

I stumble on your blog when I was searching for "liewcf". :)

Though I was working in a cosmetic company, I was only a webmaster there. I did not touch on the company products. I did company website and managed their computers.

As far as I know, the company spend a lot of money on advertisements.

It is surprise that he do not have the industry knowledge. Maybe a webmadter is different from accounts department. Accounts department have to dealing with stock, I have a hard time to understand there is cleanser, toner, moisturizer when I first join the company. Then there is lipstick and lip gloss!?

Accounts Department have to come up with company profile, feasibility study and budget. Thus, have more understand to product and industrial knowledge.

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Monday, November 07, 2005

Etsu beauty contest

JA Biohealth Sdn Bhd, the sole distributor of Etsu product in Malaysia, invite all ladies age 21 and above to participate in a beauty contest.

Winner will become brand ambassador of Etsu and would get RM10,000 cash.

Interested candidate must submit their application form before 30 November 2005 together with 2 recent photo. Application form can be obtain at Watson, Guardian, Sasa and all retailer that market Etsu product. Inquiry at 03-78802210 or check their website.

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From IT to beauty

Jason Bak who left school altogether at 15, started Eisentech Resources in 1997. distributing computer hardware and products. Bak became the sole employer and employee of Eisentech, delivering stocks and doing the company’s accounts all on his own.

Eisentech Resources today is known as a software solutions specialist and is the authorised distributor for Apple, Corel, Microsoft, Network Associates, Symantec, Veritas, Macromedia, Lotus, AutoDesk, Pro/ENGINEER, Altiris and Adobe. From 1999 to 2003, Bak’s company was recognised as the top achiever in sales for the principal brands.

Eisentech Resources, a RM30 million company distributing information technology hardware and software.

Bak was travelling in Japan when a friend introduced him to one Dr Joe Shigemoto, a leading cosmetic surgeon based in Japan. Shigemoto suggested Bak try a new collagen-based beauty product, saying that it was really good. “I didn’t know a thing about beauty products. In fact he gave me some collagen powder [to drink]. Since he was a friend of a friend, I thought I’d give it a chance. I went back to Malaysia and started doing research on it. What was collagen?” Bak eventually found out what collagen was but while doing his research he learnt a little more. The brand of collagen that Shigemoto offered him, Etsu, was a consumable collagen powder that is said to help rehydrate skin, fight visible signs of ageing and improve skin condition. Studying Bak’s youthful (and irritatingly glowing) complexion now, it would be easy to believe the claim.

And so, in December 2004, he established JA BioHealth, a company bestowed sole distributorship by Nakamurado Co Ltd — a trusted and renowned beauty and healthcare product manufacturer with 150 years of history in Japan. JA BioHealth will be responsible for the representation and marketing of the Etsu brand in Malaysia and across Asia Pacific. For now, the company will start off by selling two products at all personal care stores and pharmacies: the Etsu B300 Potion Mask and the Etsu B300 Potion Food.

Excerpt from The Edge

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Esthetics only public listed skin care and spa centres in Malaysia

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We see a lot of beauty and skin care saloon and spa centre in Malaysia.
However, among all the group operate in this industry only one company in listed on Bursa Malaysia.

Esthetics International Group Bhd, the only public listed skin care and spa centre in Malaysia, had made a public issue of 23.34 million shares and an offer for sale of 6.66 million shares, at 75 sen for each of the 50 sen par value shares when listing the ompany on the stock exhange few years ago.

The flotation of EIG will raise RM17.5mil. The company plans to use RM2.5mil of the proceeds to establish six new professional skincare centres, RM1mil to refurbish existing outlets, and RM1.5mil for investment in information technology facilities.

The construction of its corporate office and warehouse in Shah Alam will take up another RM2.5mil, and RM2mil will be allocated for additional working capital.

EJG, which is involved in professional skin care and wellness services as well as distribution of skin care and wellness products, secured the first exclusive distributorship for Dermalogica’s range of professional skin care products in Malaysia in 1989.
The contract also allowed it to use the Leonard Drake trademark for its service centres.

Esthetics operates Leonard Drake professional skin care and spa centres, and Belle Lina. Belle Lina was a home-grown concept store which uses the same products as its Leonard Drake stores.

Its executive chairman Lim Yee Soon said the company held exclusive distribution rights for Dermalogica Skin Care (USA) and Eve Taylor Essential Oils (UK) products in eight countries — Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Thailand.

AmResearch said the company, which received the authorities’ approval for own franchise (Belle Lina) scheme last year, was likely to kick off the programme early in the second quarter of 2006.

The company expects to have seven franchise centres next year and to increase this to 13 in 2007, and 19 in 2008. It plans to introduce the Belle Lina franchise to Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand while for Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines, master franchisors will be appointed.

Plans were also under way to establish at least three new corporate-owned centres in the KLCC shopping centre, Shah Alam city centre and Lot 10 shopping mall respectively, for RM2mil, it added.

EIG subsidiary EIG Pharma Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd had secured the rights to market and distribute US-based Vitogen Inc's products under EIG’s own brand name in Southeast Asia and Korea.

As at end-March, there are 16 professional skin care centres and two kiosks located in prominent shopping centres. The company also has 300 appointed local dealers, who independently own the skin care centres, according to the research house.

It distributes the US-based Dermalogica range of skincare cosmetics, which contributes 80% of its revenue while the remaining 20% is derived from its own brand of cosmetic products. In its first quarter ended April 30, 2005, EIG’s revenue was RM19 million.

EIG currently exports to Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, with about 26% of revenue derived from exports alone. EIG wants this to increase to 35% by the end of the financial year.

“We do plan to go into China as we have operations in Hong Kong with over 30 staff. While we want to use this to venture into China, we are worried about counterfeits,” said Chan, EIG chief financial officer.

The company recently acquired a RM12 million office and warehouse space in Bukit Raja, Klang to consolidate operations.

Meanwhile, its founder and executive director Melissa M Chen said the “youth obsession” culture, especially among baby boomers, was looking for alternative solutions to combat ageing.

Hence, this is the target market for its recently launched “Radiancy” products which use “healing light” therapy instead of intrusive therapies such as botox.
The company, which launched the Radiancy beauty system in April, had to-date achieved over RM1mil in sales for this beauty equipment, he said.

To broaden the revenue base, the company is likely to venture into the middle-income and mass retail market segments. “We will also be launching our new in-house brand Clinelle, a skincare range with emphasis on botanical extracts to tap the mass market within the next few months,” he said. Clinelle products are already available at major pharmacies such as Guardian, Vital Care and Watsons.

Lim said the widening of its product range through its in-house brands to cater mainly to medium- and low-income segments of the market was a key strategy.

Since 2001, Esthetics had introduced four in-house brands – the Averine range of cosmetics, Efislim range of slimming products, Bioxil for whitening and firming essence and Clinelle cosmeceutical products.

Meanwhile, professional services contribute about 40% to turnover, and the remainder from the sale of products. For the financial year ended Jan 31, the company posted a higher pre-tax profit of RM17.7mil compared with RM16mil a year earlier. Sales also rose to RM80.7mil from RM62.6mil previously.

Esthetics opened its first mobile Dermalogica Consultation Centre (DCC) at the Bukit Raja Shopping Centre in Klang recently.

Lim Yee Soon“We are optimistic about our prospects and target to open 10 more DCCs within the next 12 months,” Lim said, adding that each centre would cost less than RM100,000.
He described these mobile skincare centres as an attempt to make Dermalogica products more accessible to existing and new customers. Currently, Dermalogica is only available at all Leonard Drake, Belle Lina and selected skincare salons nationwide.

Esthetics now has 24 professional skincare centres and two kiosks in prominent shopping centres. The company also has 300 local dealers who independently own skincare centres.

Esthetics also expects to refurbish 12 of its existing Leonard Drake centres at an estimated cost of RM1mil.

On its investment risks, AmResearch said Esthetics' domestic skin care industry was fragmented, with many players in each of the mass market, premium brands and professional skin care segments.

Nevertheless, it added, Esthetics had thrived, and its strong balance sheet showed a net cash of RM32.9mil as at Jan 31.

“Given its planned capital expenditure of RM7mil for the financial year ending 2006, we foresee the group remaining in a net cash position by end-January 2006,” it said.

Monday, October 24, 2005

How Loreal become world largest beauty & cosmetic company

In 1907, Loreal was founded by a French chemist Eugene Schueller in his apartment's kitchen when he created his first hair dyer. He do all the work himself. Doing sales in the morning, delivery in the afternoon and production at night. Only until 1909, he hire his first employee.

How Loreal growth become a world largest company in beauty & cosmetic industry. Actually is via Merger & Acquisition ( M&A ).

In 1934, Loreal acquired a hair shampoo company Monsavon.
In 1935, Loreal launch it first sun protection product Ambrie Solaire.

In 1957, Frabcois Dalle become the 2nd CEO of the company when the founder pass away.

In 1963, Loreal become a public listed company in French and joint venture with Kose to venture into Japan market.

In 1964, Loreal acquired Lancome, this is first time Loreal enter into fragrance and perfume market. It also acquired Garnier, a hair care product.

In 1970, Loreal acquired Biotherm.

In 1973, Loreal acquired a German base Gemey and a pharmaceutical company Synthelabo Pharmaceutical Laboratories.

In 1983, Charles Zviak take over as 3rd CEO. The group R&D team has growth to 1,000 people.

In 1988, current CEO Lindsay Owen-Jones take over as it 4th CEO.

In 1989, Loreal acquired HR , and later La Roche-Posay. Before that, HR has alrealdy acquired Giorgio Armani fragrance and perfume division.

In 1993, It acquired another hair care product inUS, Redken.

In 1996, It acquired Maybelline and venture in to China market aggressively.

In 1998, It acquired a hair care product special for Black and African, SoftSheen Products.

In 2000, It acquired Carson, US haircare product Matrix, niche product Kiehl's and acquired 35% stake in Japanese Designer's brand Shu Uemura.

In 2002, Loreal join-venture with Nestle to form a companuy Inneov.

In 2003, It increase it shares in Shu Uemura to 52% and acquired a brand in China.

As you can see above, Loreal is a company that growth via Merger & Acquisition ( M&A )

Loreal new product under it own brand included Shine Delicieux lipstick.

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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Nanotechology and beauty cosmetic industry

I have a lot of search on "Nanotechnology" on my blog. In Malaysia, a few company in beauty and cosmetic industry claim that there are using nanotechnology on their product. Which allowed their skin care product more easily absorb by the skin, but there is nobody to verified their claim.

However, I discover a company base in Taiwan that founded by beautician that train under chinese traditional medicine before. The company call Luolihfen Beauty Care Professional Inc base in Taiwan.

Miss Luo Lih Fen has over the years collaboration with with research institution in US,Russia, Austria, Hong Kong, French and China and provided 10million Taiwan currency for those institute to develop a lot of machine that pioneer in beauty and cosmetic industry. Including a machine that send out some wave that resulting our brain to release an anti-aging BFGH to our skin
and many other beauty and cosmetic machine.

Her effort later attracted a French train Medical Doctor to join her company as a CEO. His French connection later cause her company to first launch first Human Growth Hormone ( HGH ) product in Taiwan. HGH product is now very common in multilevel marketing company in Malaysia. Most famous brand is Bio-young in Malaysia.

He later launch a Genome product for the company and later a Nanotechnology product for the company from French.

The company claim they have a franchisee in Malaysia on it company website, but no address and contact number provided.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Designer's brand Shu Uemura

In Malaysia, Shu Uemura has counter in Metrojaya department store. However, if you really want to experience the brand. You can go to a boutique inside Lot 10 shopping centre in Bukit Bintang. It located in the ground floor left hand side of the main entrence.

The said whenyou walk in to the boutique. you will be greeted with a cup of green tea and hand towel. As you stroll around, trained make-up artists will be there to advise you on your skin care and make-up needs.

Shu Uemura now is a Desiner Brand under Loreal Group and the only Japanese brand the group has acquired to date.

Shu Uemura founded by Mr Shu Uemura, born in a weathier family. He biggest deam is become an actor. However, due to some kind of illness. He is on the bed for 5 years after completing his high school.This make him unable to follow normal path of what other people did. Study in University and get a job. He thoght of his future while on the bed. Eventually, his decision surprise many others.

At that point of time, when Make-up still not common in Japan. He decided to become a Make-up artist. He feel this comply his interest in art.

In 1955, Shu Uemura venture to Hollywood. He become a professional Make-up artist for a few US-Japan joint venture movies.

After some years of experience. He back to Japan in 1970 and create a brand using his own name, He also found an Academy in beauty and cosmetic.

In 1967, he bring back his legendary make-up removal oil from Hollywood .Since then, shu uemura’s cleansing beauty oils have remained a success for more than 30 years – an achievement in itself in the fast-changing world of cosmetics. The Cleansing Oils « fan club » includes Lauren Bacall, Jeanne Moreau, Jane Birkin,.. Based on a High Performance Oil System, the cleansing oils are used to remove make-up, to purify, and to balance the skin complexion.

With nearly 1 million products sold each year, cleansing oils have experienced steady growth since the launch of the first Balancing Cleansing Oil. The line of products has been completed very recently and now includes a light and enriched version, which was launched in November 2002. shu uemura has also launched a Green Tea Beauty Oil in 2003. Today, more than one cleansing oil per minute is sold throughout the world.

1983 Shu Uemura open it first Beauty Boutique concept in Omotesando, Tokyo, that allowed customers to sit in front of a mirror and see, touch and experience make up for themselves. After 20 years, all department store inthe world are using this concept but Shu Uemura is pioneer at that point of time.

In 1980,it launch it unique eye shadows. 1968, Shu Uemura was the first to merge makeup and art via makeup performances on stage and his seasonal Mode Makeup collections, which, to this day, he continues to inspire and awe twice a year.

shu uemura cosmetics became the first company in the world to incorporate deep-sea water into cosmetic products. Shu Uemura Depsea Water range, based on sea water extracted from a depth of more than 300 metres.

Deep-sea water contains more than 60 ocean minerals to boost the natural function of the skin. Trace minerals such as lithium, magnesium, silicon, selenium, copper, zinc and calcium in deep-sea water have a high affinity with human skin and can quickly absorb to rapidly refresh and hydrate skin. Compared to surface sea water, deep-sea water has three superior characteristics:

- PURITY without any deterioration from acid rain or industrial draining

- RICHNESS of minerals and nutrient substance

- STABILITY in low temperature

shu uemura Depsea Water – aka, “water from the depths of the sea” – is taken from the depth of the ocean where sunlight does not reach, at 320 meters. Pumped directly from the location, it is also bottled at the source, where the shu uemura manufacturing facility resides. Completely free of artificial color, natural aromatic extracts are then added to become lightly scented mists that rejuvenate and hydrate the skin, hair and body. It is also a key raw ingredient used in many of shu uemura makeup and skincare products.

shu uemura makeup brushes are the most luxurious and finest makeup tools available, anywhere!

Every hair on every brush is hand stacked, never cut. The benefit of keeping the soft natural point of the hair (not the hard, blunt edge of a cut hair) is that it is far less likely to irritate sensitive skin, or areas of skin, such as the eye-area, that are prone to sensitivity. shu uemura selects the highest quality kolinsky, sable, goat, pony and badger hair, using hair from the animals' tail that has been shed in the winter months, as this is the softest. Because the hairs have been shed from the tail, naturally, the animal is never harmed. Choosing a makeup brush is similar to how an artist chooses a painter's brush. The type of animal / synthetic hair dictates the porosity and flexibility of the brush. Porosity determines the brush's ability to hold and disperse pigment while the flexibility determines the application style, strong versus soft. For the truest reflection of color, shu uemura recommends Kolinsky brushes, or Kolinsky / Sable blends.

Colour is expetise of Shu Uemura, Shu Uemura has over 100 colour in eye shadow alone. They also have black colour nail product ( pedicure & manicure ) or yellow brown lipstick.

Loreal acquired the 35% shares if Shu Uemura in 2000 only increase it shares to 52% in 2003.

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Monday, October 17, 2005

Kiehl's leverage on big S

Loreal, a company that apply strategy that grow via merger & acquisition (M&A), however will maintain the brand they acquired. The Loreal team would spend time understand the brand's history, philosopher of the founder and core value of the brand.

In 2000, Loreal acquired a niche brand Kiehl's. Although the founder family no longer hold any shares in the company. Loreal has promise not to change the spirits of the brand. Loreal never push the product aggressively and comply with the principle of the brand: "Never advertise". Only one outlet in one territory. Minimum size of the outlet and must able to put in a motorbike.....expanding slowly and low profile manner in major city of the world.

Kiehl's founded by a pharmacist family in New York. Kiehl's give a way free samples to building bound with customer ( 30% of whom are men). Their growth via word of mouth method, attracted a group of loyal customer that like their laboratory. Kieh's never advertise. They are very strict on distribution channel as well.

Kiehl's does not put much emphasis on packaging. Basic plastic bottle,list of ingredient on a white label, no photo of young ladies. Print in black and white label without colour.

The price is comparatively higher (Even baby product). However, they have a lot of "Fans" around the world. In Taiwan, because actress Big S used such product. the product run out of stock during their anniversary celebration.

I think Kiehl's is not yet in Malaysia market.

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Monday, October 10, 2005

Qiqi will be in Malaysia on Wednesday & Thursday

KARINA FOO met actor Simon Yam and his international supermodel wife Qiqi in Hong Kong while they were wrapping up the production of their new television commercial for SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence (FTE).

While REVITALISED skin with a beautifully supple texture that defies description is testimony of those who have used SK-II skincare products.

Celebrities and ambassadors of SK-II have provided similar endorsements and the brand is well-established in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Britain, Australia and Hong Kong.

"We call it ‘Miracle Water’ because of an ingredient called pitera. I’ve been using in for many years before becoming an SK-II ambassador. Simon only started using it recently and his skin is looking much better," said Qiqi, who has been endorsing SK-II products since 1996.

Their youthful and radiant skin clearly belies their age (over 40) and they attribute it to FTE, their favourite product.

The new advertisement, which took 10 weeks to produce, portrays Qiqi’s life-long intimate relationship with the FTE as her skin condition and needs change over the years.

"When I was 20, FTE helped to keep my skin fresh and moist. When I reached my 30s, it gave it a radiant tone and now it still looks healthy and I’ve received many compliments for my smooth and clear appearance."

Qiqi has appeared in several SK-II advertisements on different mediums but most people remember her in the television commercial for the brand’s Facial Treatment Mask where she comes home after a long day of work and treats herself to an exquisite "facial treatment", much to the bewilderment of her friend over the phone.

This is the first time Qiqi is appearing in an SK-II advertisement with her husband. "I’m very happy to work with Simon because he’s been a great support in whatever I believe in," said Qiqi.

"Many men may be apprehensive about trying something associated with women and I admit that I wasn’t so sure about SK-II and its products. But I saw that Qiqi’s skin was the result of the brand and it didn’t take me long to become an SK-II user. Now I use it before and after any film shooting," Yam said.

Kaewta Tachamahachai, assistant brand manager for beauty care, Asean/Australasia/India, for Procter & Gamble, which manages the brand, said: "We did a consumer study in Malaysia to assess audience responses to the new advertisement and the result was sufficiently encouraging for us to believe that consumers will take to it very positively. We found that they could connect with the advertisement."

"I feel that the new commercial will tell people what FTE can really do for them, especially those who are seeking a natural and simple way to improve their skin," Qiqi said. The advertisement will be screened this month and Qiqi will be in the country on Wednesday and Thursday.

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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Vitamin E, tocotrienol and tocopherol

Vitamin E is no stranger to the world of skincare. Combined with vitamin A and C, the trio are a powerful anti-oxidant force in fighting free radicals that cause premature aging. But, after seven years of research, Dr Saadiah Sulaiman, a dermatologist at Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and her team have discovered tocotrienol, the predecessor to the common form of vitamin E, tocopherol.

According to Dr Saadiah, tocotrienols are 40-60 times more effective than tocopherol in neutralising free radicals. Due to its chemical structure, it is easily absorbed by cells and able to reduce skin redness caused by sun exposure. Indirectly, this prevents pigmentation, a common beauty woe of Asian women.
Interestingly, Dr Saadiah further discovered that this moisturising vitamin not only protected skin during sun exposure but also after, unlike sunblock. But she cautions: “Although tocotrienols protect skin from sun damage, it is not as good as SPF15 so you still need a sunblock.”

Made in Malaysia

What better source to harness the goodness of vitamin E than our very own palm oil. And with the recent discovery of tocotrienol, Malaysians are making full use of this vitamin in locally made skincare, Activ-E.
Activ-E was formulated based on clinical studies conducted on Tocotrienols and a combination of botanical extracts. Manufactured according to pharmaceutical standards, Activ-E addresses all the different skin types.

In Malaysia, a Mesdaq listing company Carotech Bhd, a subsidiary of second board listed pharmaceutical company Hovid Bhd manufacture tocotrienols and claim they control 80% of world market of tocotrienols.

Carotech Bhd a home grow biotechnology company shares price has rise for the past few weeks as they manufacturer biodiesel product which can substitude oil and petroleum and benefit from recent Budget 2006.

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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Dior launch Personal Beauty Analyzer (DPBA)

A beauty consultants might butter you up in the hope that you buy their products? However, a computers don’t know how to lie.

Dior, a brand under LVMH Group launch its latest gadget call Dior Personal Beauty Analyzer (DPBA), an integrated skin diagnosis system that can analyse various skin conditions and offer solutions. It has a wrinkle-analysis tool that is claimed to compare wrinkles by age group, skin
elasticity measure tool, sebum balance measure tool and skin hydration condition check tool.

Each of the personal results obtained will then be compared with an average of the women in your age group from a database of over 5,000 Asian women representing various origins, skin types and age groups. elasticity measure tool, sebum balance measure tool and skin hydration condition check tool.

The DPBA is not meant to replace beauty consultants; rather, the device is used to back up their expertise and help them in their recommendations for each customer. Dior will then devise a personalised skincare beauty plan for hydration, anti-ageing or revitalisation.

In Kuala Lumpur, the analysis is available at Dior counters at Isetan, Lot 10 Shopping Centre and Parkson Grand in Suria KLCC. It is also available at Jusco, 1-Utama Shopping Centre, Petaling Jaya.

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