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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Avon and Mary Kay

Avon and Mary Kay both are focus direct selling company beauty and cosmetic industry. Job or career opportunity to ladies are limited at the point of both company found. Thus, both company claim to be a job provider to ladies when job opportunity for lady is limited. Even now, both company also claim to be providing "business opportunity" for aspires lady enterpreneur.

Avon was founded by a guy call David H. McConnell in 1886 whereas Mary Kay was founded by a lady call Mary Kay in 1963.

In 1990, Avon was diversified to too many non core business and the company was in trouble. Amway, a health care direct selling company offer a take over bid to take over the management control of Avon. Later, Mary Kay, a much younger company also join in the bandwagon to bid for the company.

Avon rejected both deal, which they view as hostile take over. Avon claim thier company is disimilar with Amway as both company in different indsutry. Avon in beauty and cosmetic while Amway in health care nutrition industry.

Even with Mary Kay. Avon also claim their customer base is different from Mary Kay! Which until now I do not understand.

Avon, after divesting those non core business. Now become 6th largest beauty & cosmetic company in the world while I never saw Mary Kay on the top 10 list.

One of the ruling party in Malaysia UMNO, it Puteri UMNO division claim that majority of their member are unemployed. This is how serious our country unemployed rate especially among bumiputra lady graduate in Malaysia.

As both company Avon and Mary Kay have operation in Malaysia. And both company claim to provide "Business Opportunity" to lady. Perhaps unemployed lady graduate might approach one of the above company!

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