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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Nanotechology and beauty cosmetic industry

I have a lot of search on "Nanotechnology" on my blog. In Malaysia, a few company in beauty and cosmetic industry claim that there are using nanotechnology on their product. Which allowed their skin care product more easily absorb by the skin, but there is nobody to verified their claim.

However, I discover a company base in Taiwan that founded by beautician that train under chinese traditional medicine before. The company call Luolihfen Beauty Care Professional Inc base in Taiwan.

Miss Luo Lih Fen has over the years collaboration with with research institution in US,Russia, Austria, Hong Kong, French and China and provided 10million Taiwan currency for those institute to develop a lot of machine that pioneer in beauty and cosmetic industry. Including a machine that send out some wave that resulting our brain to release an anti-aging BFGH to our skin
and many other beauty and cosmetic machine.

Her effort later attracted a French train Medical Doctor to join her company as a CEO. His French connection later cause her company to first launch first Human Growth Hormone ( HGH ) product in Taiwan. HGH product is now very common in multilevel marketing company in Malaysia. Most famous brand is Bio-young in Malaysia.

He later launch a Genome product for the company and later a Nanotechnology product for the company from French.

The company claim they have a franchisee in Malaysia on it company website, but no address and contact number provided.

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