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Sunday, October 02, 2016

Matt Barber Shop that use Queue Management System ( QMS )

When I get an inquiry from a Wiring company in Terengganu asking about particular order our Queue Management System ( QMS ) for installing at a Barber shop. I am curious why a barber shop required a Queue Management System ( QMS ) to managed their queue?

However, I get no respond from them since I give them a quotation. This is normal as sometimes people just asking some info like price but might not respond if they feel price are too high or some other reason not meet their requirement. However, the question still in my mind as this is first time I get an inquiry from a Barber shop.
Matt Barber Shop
When I went for a hair cut weeks later. I have a chat with my hair hairdresser. The hairdreser said it might be a "Barber Shop", with just one service......cutting only. Not hair saloon with other services like washing and dyeing etc.This is common for barber shop in  bigger town like Kuala Lumpur but Barber shop in town like Ipoh rarely used a Queue Management System ( QMS ).

With just one services. The boss can actually use the Queue Management system ( QMS ) to monitor how many business per day even if he is not personally at the shop, said my hairdresser. Slowly, I understand why a barber shop required a  QMS.

I send an email to the wiring company mentioning I see the rational for their customer to installing a QMS in their Barber shop. Within 24 hours, the wiring company reply that their company become interest again in ordering our QMS after some follow up.

Printer's touch screen with custom logo for Matt Barber shop, Acutally, it can be design up to 4 services like Cutting, washing etc.

Display and ticket customization for Matt Barber shop before installing bell

Keypad of QMS for Matt Barber shop, Can press "Next" for next number or press sepcial number like 1234 and press "Call". One keypad can send up to 8 counter/seat for barber shop

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Computerization of clinic in Ipoh

All this while, other than hospital in Ipoh, I feel only a handful clinic like Klinik Oasis Sdn Bhd ( beside Symphony Hotel ) etc has been computerized and using software to run their clinic. Majority of clinic that I visit still using manual system like card to record our personal details and medical record.

This is contrary to other state like Penang, where even clinic in small village already computerized.

On 4 September 2016. I was invited to a booth of GP Consultation Skills Workshop 2016 at Syuen Hotel in Ipoh.

Many doctor in other town like Port Dickson and Penang also attended the workshop, other than doctor from Perak like from Teluk Intan and Kampung Gajah etc.

To my surprised. a few doctor that visit our booth already computerized their clinic and using software to operate their clinic. For example, one indian doctor who clinic in Medan Gopeng even an expensive, high end Gloco system.

Another Chinese doctor base in Ipoh also claim he has used a Clinic Management Software call CMS for 8 years already and now looking for a alternative substitute as his current system a bit out dated and night not be upgraded if he want to change his operating system to Window 10 or higher.

While it is only a handful has been computerized and using software. It is not bad as it original expected.

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