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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Revlon start from Nail products, manicure & pedicure

Revlon launch it nails ( Or manicure & pedicure product) products initially in 1932, by Charles Revson. In 1935, Revlon started advertisement in print media. Leader of the industry at that point of time Helena Rubinstein(1870-1965) or HR and Elizaberth Arden are too busy fighting with Watch other on marketing shares , neglected a small rival which has slowly eaten up on their market shares. Revlon do not have any of their products. Only have nail , manicure & pedicure products.

Elizaberth Arden decided to venture in nail products in 1940. Revlon, however, venture into llipstick product. In 1940 Sales is USD1.7million but have increase to USD2.8million immediately after venture into lipstick products.

In 1950, Revlon launch "Where's the fire " lipstick.

In 1955, Revlon listed on New York Stock Exchange. On the same years, it become the first company in the industry that advertise on television. It brand immediately overtake its competitors after that.

In 1956, competitors Helena Rubinstein also start advertised on television. At the same time, in Europe Dior, after establish in frangrance product. It start venture in lipstick market as well.

Unlike his competitors. Revlon is a cosmetic company that remain to be manage by man since it started.

In Malaysia, Revlon product also sell via a multilevel marketing company Cosway other than available in normal distribution channel like Watson.

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