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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Traditional Medical practitional recognised by Australia government

Malaysia government has recently approved the establishment of integrated hospitals, which integrates the practice of traditional and complementary medicine (T/CM) to the current national health system. The Health Ministry will set aside an initial sum of RM1.5mil for a pilot project of incorporating traditional and complementary medicine (TCM) in three government hospitals.

The Ministry Of Health has selected three hospitals to implement this integration, namely Hospital Kepala Batas, Pulau Pinang, Hospital Putrajaya, and Hospital Sultan Ismail, Johor. Some of the T/CM practices that would be introduced in phases with these hospitals include acupuncture, reflexology and masseur, just to name a few.

“The plan now is to have a division for TCM, so that patients can either opt for the Western or traditional medicine division.

“In time, we hope to have a better integration system, where both disciplines can be practised together,” said Health Ministry parliamentary secretary Datuk Lee Kah Choon

China and India are two countries that have established education and training system in the field of T/CM, in particular the Chinese medicine, acupuncture and ayurveda.

Lee said that based on the World Health Organisation’s findings, 75% of people in developing countries and about 50% of those in developed countries used TCM.

In fact, other than China and India. Western country like Australia also recognised TCM. On 12 April 2007. Nanyang published an article by a reader written from Melbourne. He claim that in a state where he stay, Victoria. Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner (Sinseh) was recognised by the state and they can carry Dr. title in front of their name. This is first time I heard such story.

Now, Tung Shin Hospital at Jalan Pudu in Kuala Lumpur was the only Non Profit Private Hospital that provided both traditional and western medicine in Malaysia.

Recently, Nanyang feature article on Tung Shin Hospital. 80% of patient in TCM division are stroke patient. Others included cancer patient.

Nanyang and Tung Shin Hospital would provided health talk (In Mandarin) and free medical consultation (limited to first 72 register) this Saturday 21 April 2007, 3.00pm to 7.00pm

First 300 participant also free blood pressure test.

OSIM also provide free gift to first 300 participant

Patient can fax their name, tel, new IC no,male/Female, address to 03-78726921 to Nanyang's Business Development Department. Inquiry03-2072 1655 Etx 265

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Skincare product for hand?

After sending SkinMDNatural's sample for me to test. Mr Pete Grimaldi send offer of another product. This time a skincare product for hand call Gloves in a Bottle. has recommended Gloves in a bottle as one of it Eczema Best Buy products on it website.

Actually I do not have problem with my hand. I give some of the sample to my sister. Her few years old son's elbow and knee have some skin problem as he always get injury and difficult to heal. After few days, feedback from my sister is good.

Unlike SkinMDNatural only sending the product(Sachets) only.The sample I received complete with a sample card with description(beside). It look nicer and presentable and more informative.

Singapore: Life Inspires

Unlike SkinMDNatural, Gloves in a Bottle actually available for sales in Singapore. The distributor in Singapore call Life Inspires...... the company that market Slim Delices slimming chocolate in Singapore but Gloves in a Bottle was not available in Malaysia yet. Anyone interested to become distributor?

Unlike other skincare product available at major retail outlet. Glove in a Bottle sold via clinic in Singapore. This marketing strategy is similar to Loreal's La Roche-Posay brand that only target professional like dermatologist

Blogger in Malaysia Paris Beaverbanks also received a sample from Mr Pete and has write a review on it after testing the product. I recommend you read her review as I am not going to repeat what she has said in her blog. Another Singapore base blogger vivawomen also claim received sample from Mr Pete but I unable to find her review on her blog.

Taiwan : Star Like
In Taiwan, the product market by Star Like . Star Like also market SkinMDNatural in Taiwan. It is not sure why Singapore's Life Inspire only market Gloves in Bottle in Singapore but not SkinMD Natural.

Star Like initially market UK's Eyeko cosmetic product in Taiwan. Then, it market Pinkie Swear, a brand co-found by TV producer Stephen Robinson, his wife and photographer Rhonda.

It added Dermactin-TS and Daggett & Ramsdell (DR) on it portfolio of brand and later, of course, SkinMDNatural and Glove in a Bottle.

Apparently, Taiwan marketing strategy and distribution chanel does not similar to what practise in Singapore, target professional and dermatologist like Loreal's La Roche-Posay .

Other than Star Like. Glove in a Bottle also market via in Taiwan

Despite SkinMDNatural and Gloves in a Bottle operated under two separated company. The person behind the two brand apparently under the same team. Both Mr Pete and Mr Dan Mueller contact me on both of the above brand. Their webpage and their marketing strategy is similar, Their marketing strategy like those recomended by Regis Mckenna. Both brand also market by the same distributor in Taiwan.

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Monday, April 09, 2007

Direct Selling stockist that threatened by gangsters in Sarawak

Last Monday, The Star reported that Bintulu MP Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing had made a strong point when highlighting Sibu’s( Sarawak) security problems in Parliament.

Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister Datuk Peter Chin Fah Kui said "Gangsters are getting more deeply involved in running illegal logging operations due to the lucrative returns from trading in unlicensed logs in the black market" in Miri, Sarawak on Tuesday.

Inspector-General of Police ( IGP) Tan Sri Musa Hassan flew to Sibu to check on the claims last week.

Musa said he was displeased with the crime situation, and action taken by the Sarawak police although they had arrested several kingpins and gang leaders. “I have also warned my officers and men that severe action will be taken against them if they are found to be involved with the gangsters,” Said the IGP.

Actually, prior to that. Media has reported that a direct sales stockist Wong Teck Seng, 38,his wife Lily Tiong Siew Lee, 28, and three children – aged between two and seven forced to flee their home after getting death threats from gangsters in Miri, Sarawak.

“We cannot return to Sarawak because the gangsters are so powerful there."
“They destroyed my home,''

Wong said his nightmare began after a dispute with another stockist over commissions.

He reported the matter to the company management who terminated the stockist's licence in August.

“Two months later, a group of gangsters beat up one of my subordinates and extorted RM15,000 from me. "

He then went into hiding in Kota Kinabalu, while his wife returned to her parents' home with the children.

“On Nov 10, a group of men stormed into my house and smashed everything, including the windows, furniture and home appliances.

“My house is in a mess now with shattered glass everywhere,'' he said.

Fearing for his life and the lives of his family members, Wong flew his wife and children to Kota Kinabalu. Together they came Kuala Lumpur.

A friend, who picked them up at the KL International Airport described the family's situation as “devastating and dreadful”.

“It was horrible to see them wearing pyjamas and slippers, with several boxes around them at the arrival hall,'' said the friend, Simon Yew.

Last week, Wong Teck Sing and his business partner Wong Sing Tung, caused a stir at the central police station here in Miri when hold protest at Miri police station.

Both men were ordered by policemen at the station to stop their protest or else they could be arrested for illegal demonstration.

The duo then left.

The Direct Selling company call Sweblink Global Network Sdn Bhd.

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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Who else get Geneva awards?

Member of Parliament, Dr Wee Ka Siong (BN - Ayer Hitam) question the rational of Universities forking out millions for dubious awards
He said Geneva-based international science exhibition, where Malaysian universities have won numerous awards, are not judged by a panel of experts but by the exhibition organisers themselves.

“Hence, it’s no surprise that each year, more than half of the participants receive awards,” he said during the motion of thanks on the Royal Address at the Dewan Rakyat.

“I met a professor from a renowned European university while on an overseas trip."

“He laughed and told me that such awards offer no academic merits,” said Dr Wee, adding that most of the products showcased in these exhibitions were from Malaysian universities

He singled out the Geneva exhibition as a favourite among Malaysian universities.

“It is embarrassing that our universities are spending millions to participate in these low-standard award competitions.”

Dr Wee alleged at one foreign exhibition, the organisers imposed 650 euros (RM3,200) for participants who had yet to commercialise their products, 180 euros (RM831) for each metre of exhibition space used and 370 euros (RM1,709) to rent a display counter.

He described such exhibitions as “profit making shows.”
The international 72-member jury judges each invention on its own merits, which means that there is not just one gold, one silver and one bronze medal per category of invention.
Other than local University, did you remember any local company that get such award?

The answer is Mesdaq listed INS Bioscience Bhd's wheatgrass.

The wheatgrass products of the company get The Geneva International Invention Award in 2000. It is not sure such award is the one claim by Dr Wee. However, the sales of the product has lifted the company into next level after getting such award. The product has get another award in Hong Kong and the company has listed on Mesdaq.

This award lead to a legal battle between it's ex-staff, now rival Yigaho.

Yigaho lead by ex-actress Miss Lim Chew Yin, who was a spoke person for INS and her brother who was a researcher of wheatgrss in INS.

INS has diversified into other product like bitter gourd extract for diabetic call Insupro forte and Bloodstream Super 2 to mitigate it effect on increase competition on wheatgrass market.
There is at least a few rival product for it diabetic product. INS, however claim that other bitter gourd's products do not contain certain extract in their products.
A weekly Mandarin health newspaper in Malaysia, Mingguan Kesihatan stated that bitter gourd may have some side effect on certain people on one of it issue. The paper claim that people might have to go to toilet after taking bitter gourd.
It is not sure how INS's Bloodstream product in the market. This is a product base on your blood type: A,B,AB and O etc. Less marketing activity have been seen on such product. The company marketing aggressively it bitter gourd product on various health magazine in Malaysia recently.

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


张齐清 2007/04/12
























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Another MLM company list on Bursa Malaysia

ZHULIAN Corp Bhd, a direct selling and multi-level marketing company, has on 17 March 2007 hired CIMB Investment Bank Bhd to help arrange its listing on Bursa Malaysia's main board.

The group is involved mainly in the manufacturing and direct selling of costume jewellery, nutritional products, food and beverages, water purification systems, mattress pads and pillows, and other consumer products.

Its products are also exported to Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore.

Zhulian group managing director Teoh Meng Keat said Zhulian has over 649 product lines marketed under 28 brands, with the jewellery segment contributing about 30 per cent of revenue.

Over the past few years, he said, the group has diversified into nutritional products, food and beverage products and a wide range of other consumer products.

The company will joint other MLM compnay that listed on Bursa Malaysia like Amway, Cosway, CNI, DXN, Liqua Health, Hai-O and INS.

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Monday, April 02, 2007

江湖 真有异人在











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