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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Skay & Fashion Asia feedback on Lancome lip gloss

I have blog on Lancome invented lip gloss before. I also post a comment on Fashion Asia's blog requesting a feedback on lip gloss( I am a guy, not using such item, do not have close female pal to ask at the moment). Below are the two feedback I received:

From Skay:

Peter : I am using one now and I like it. Juicy Tubes that is.

From Fashion Asia:

i never own one but i tried 1 from the counter. The Tube gloss(colored ones). My opinion? All tube gloss are about the same. Dislike? the fact that the color sink down to the bottom & when u squeeze the tube, the colorless gloss comes out first and then the color, then u gotta mix mix...abit messy.

Too bad! Did any executive from Lancome or Loreal reading this?

Skay & Fashion Asia:

Thanks for both of your feedback.

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Lancome invent lip gloss

Lancome, a brand acquired by Loreal in 1964. Founded by Armand Petitjean in 1935.

Rose is favorite flower of Lancome's founder Armand Petitjean .Since Lancome founded in 1935. Rose was appear in almost every advertisement of Lancome.

Lancome view as an old fashion by young generation.

In order to revive the brand and product.Lancome change it marketing strategy in 2004. Not so emphasis on rose; but rose, lady and product. With a hand written signature logo to signify a close relationship with it customer.

From 1996, R&D centre and marketing team in Japan are responsible for developing a lot of Japan version of product foe Asia market. One of it is BLANC EXPERT Mela-NO Cx Supreme Whitening Spot Corrector. This product quickly penetrate Asia and the world

In 2000. Lancome innovate world first lip gloss. It become a star product of Lancome. Every minutes. Lancome would sell 10 units of lip gross in the world. All competitors are follow to launch similar product.

In 2004,Lancome launch it product for oily skin Pure Focus. The idea was provide by its Taiwan Division and develop by it international team. This product able to sell not only in Asia but penetrate world market. Again, competitors rush to launch similar product.

In 2004, Lancome open it first boutique in Hong Kong. After sucessfully tested such concept. It launch it second boutique in Shanghai. It plan to open more such boutique in Asia, US and France in near future.

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