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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Top 9 highest hit page on my blog in year 2007

It is the beginning of the year again. Let see which page has generated highest hit page last year:

1. DIY Enzyme

Surprisingly, The highest hit page on my blog last year related to DIY Enzyme, and it is in Mandarin rather than in English. Price of Enzyme that available in the market was high and people who want to take enzyme but cannot effort has to resort to DIY method. It look like a lot of people doing this rather than buy enzyme from the market at high price.

2. Bio-Essence and Ginvera

This was the highest search page in year 2006 and still generate a lot of search. People more confident on natural or herbs product that able to get immediate result

3. south-korea-cosmetic-brand-in-malaysia

It look like South Korea brand do not lack of fans

4. Home Page

This page page on every new post.


Plastic Surgery in Korea...anyone?


Malaysia's brand manufacturer by South Korea...Again!

7.himalaya-one-of-top-ten-companies-in pharmaceutical industry in India

Again, natural and herbs product?


This page still on the top 10 list this month and last week. I think many people thought this is product review and comparison, but this is comparison of company and shares rather than product.

9 Esthetics-only-public-listed-skin-care.html

Not bad, dermalogica. Remember to buy it shares.

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