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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Clara International venture into biotechnology

Dr Clara Chee, founder and Chairman of Clara International Beauty Group, announced the company plan to venture into biotechnology industry at the recent Biotechnology Asia 2005 Conference at the Putra World Trade Centre.

Gelang Pasir, which is used by the Javanese for its anti-inflamatory properties, can be used as a raw ingrediant for cosmetic product targeted at hypersensitive skin. The results of this herb have been proven as itis used in the Clara International range of cosmetic products.

Recently, Dr Clara Chee has discovered a herbal based skin gel that she claims cures psoriasis, a skin disorder, and is looking for partners to bring this product to the market.

" The product was not put throught clinical trails as it is not a pharmauceutical-grade product, but a skin-care product. So far, the product has been sucessful in the case studies we have cinducted and the testimonials from users have been positive. However, we will look into putting the product throught clinical trials at a later stage," Reported The Edge.

Clara International currently has two manufacturing plants located near its headquarters in Puchong, planning to set up a phase three plant, a facility that is used for the development of orally prescribed products.

Clara International'd OTC (over the counter) plant is used to develop over-the-counter products while the phase four plant is used to develop cosmetic products.

" We will be looking into herbal menopause therapy eventually once this plant is up and running. The therapy will be an alternative to normone replacement therapy(HRT)," She added.

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