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Friday, January 05, 2007

Top 8 highest hit page on my blog in 2006

Top 8 highest hit page on my blog in 2006

1 Home Page

2 Local brand Bio-essence and Ginvera

Congratulation, Bio-essence and Ginvera. This two brand was the highest search page on my blog on yearly,monthly weekly and even daily basis. This is not bad achievement for a local brand. A lot of my relative also using such product and they said is really effective.

I have received an email from a Roni Frumkes from France on such post. Excerpt:

You mention there the AC Nielson report where the cosmetics company Bio-Essence was ranked in your report as No 4 skincare product in Malaysia and Singapore, after Olay, Loreal and Neutrogene. And if only in face care category, Bio-Essence rank No 1.

I appreciate if you could let me know which report it is and will be very very grateful if you have its copy or even executive summary that you wouldn't mind sharing.

As I have time constrains. I just forward the email to Ginvera. I do not have the AC Nielsen report with me. However, the news was publish on mainstream newspaper like China Press and business magazine like Shanghai by The Star.

I never received feedback from both Roni and Ginvera since then. Hope he get what he want. If not, may be he can contact AC Nielsen directly.

3 Elianto provide business opportunity to UMNO puteri member

Congratulation! Elianto. When I post the page on my blog. I think Elianto just have 2 to 5 outlet in Malaysia. I have received an email from a reader call bibiana Chu. Excerpt:

I've heard bout the brand thru a friend and recently come across in the mag. My friend had bought it from KL Genting and since using it, have recommended to friends. The main problem is we cant buy the products from Kuching here. We are interested to know how we can buy or sell the products here if possible.

As usual. I just forwarded the email to Elianto. I have received a lot of click from's chinese forum page since then. However, I unable to find the thread on do do not know what they write about. Anybody can tell me.

Today, Elianto have outlet in many shopping centre in Malaysia including Kuching, if not mistaken. Elianto should be the fastest growing cosmetic company in Malaysia in 2006.

4. October 2005 Archive

5 December 2005 Archive

6 South Korea cosmetic brand in Malaysia

7 November 2005 Archive

8 South Korea cosmetic brand and plastic surgery

I have removed the monthly archive page from my blog in middle of the year. As the page to too large to load. It is difficult to ascertain which page my reader search for as well.

Other than's Chinese forum. I have received a lot of click from Malaysian Again, I unable to find the thread from the forum that link to my blog. Link to which page?. My guess is Bio-essence. Anybody can tell me?

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