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Friday, January 19, 2007

Free sample for my readers to claim

After I have blog on Skin MD Natural the day before yesterday. I received an email from Dan Mueller, President of 21st Century Formulations which distribute Skin MD Natural's skincare product to ask whether he can offer myself and my sister some bottle of Skin MD Natural 's skincare product.

I am not sure what he mean"offer". Do I need to pay for it? Or it is FOC? While I am still waiting clarification from Mr Dan Mueller. I decide to offer my free sample packets to my reader for free. If I and my sister would get a bottle for free and the fact that I still have not start testing the product yet.

Like blogger Paris beaverbanks , I offer 2 sample packs each for every reader or more depending on the respond. You just need to email your name (need not be real) and your correspondence address and I will mail it to you on a first come first serve basis while the stock last. I will bear the postage as well.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Skincare product sample for free?

Beauty and cosmetic blogger like to receive free sample product to test. As a male blogger in this industry. It is difficult for me to test the product as I am not a regular user of skincare nor cosmetic product.

However, I received an email last month from Pete Grimaldi to see if I would be interested in reviewing their product Skin MD Natural ( This is the first request I received since I blog on the industry.

I send an email to another beauty and cosmetic blogger MJ to informed her about the request and suggest her to email to Pete Grimaldi of Skin MD Natural to request a sample from him to test. I feel Mr Pete would be glad to do that.

MJ send me a review she found on the net here. Very kind of you, thank you , MJ. However, MJ stated : Why not you sample it 1st? I think Pete Grimaldi would like you to write a review on Skin MD Natural in your blog and possibly sell it to your customers.

The company claim that: In order for any moisture to actually improve a dry skin condition it needs to get below the second major layer of skin. In reality the only moisture that is going to reach this level is your skin's own natural moisture.

When you apply any traditional artificial moisture to the skin's surface you are often sending the wrong signal - that your skin is being adequately moisturized, when in fact it is actually dehydrated of natural moisture. This often results in reducing your skin's production of the natural moisture needed to actually resolve a dry skin condition.

Unlike artificial moisturizers, Skin MD Natural bonds with the outer most layer of skin cells to turn it into what works like an invisible shield. The company claim

I have received the sample already. I gave a packet to my sister to try it. My sister is a veteran in this industry. She once operate a beauty salon herself. However, she concentrate on whole selling business now and have vast contact with beauty salon in my home state. I ask her the other day when I meet her about the product. She said she only remember to try it once, thus, unable to give any comment yet. However, base on just one trial. She feel that the lotion absorb very fast to her skin and become very dry and clean. Unlike some other product you might feel oily and sticky.

Before I start trying the product. I research the product by go throught their website first. I found their website offer free sample to everybody. However, you have to pay for the postage. You can Send A Self Addressed Stamped Envelope To

21st Century Formulations
Free Sample Offer
9663 Santa Monica Blvd.,
Suite 860Beverly Hills,
CA 90210

or alternatively, if you are not reside in US and do not have a US's stamp. You can get 2 of these samples for only a $2.00 postage and handling fee by going to their secure Ordering Page.

The website stated "If you are not completely happy with the samples, we will even refund your $2.00 when you return the packets"

You can wait for my review within the next two weeks, hopefully. Or you can read the review by Alison McCormick,Editor of Empowerment 4 Women Online Magazine first.

Skin MD Natural in Taiwan-Star Like-品邁國際行銷有限公司 Forward Marketing International Company Ltd

Skin MD Natural in Korea


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