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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Follow Me Grey Control really effective

Since I become ebay seller. No company send their product for me to test for such a long time. As my focus is on trading then, rather than creating content.

However, as Pos Malaysia Berhad increase their International postage rate by 400% cause my ecommerce business no longer viable.

This left me  with some stock. I unable to clear the stock as I have to send out the goods with increase postage rate (by 400%) and it will benefit Post Malaysia Berhad.

As some of the goods have expires date. I have no choice and have to make those stock for my own used before it expires.

One of the goods that I used is Follow Me Grey Control  by Tohtonku Trading

I have been selling a few hair care product as an eBay seller. Some are hair loss control and some white hair control. Usually at a very high price.

Follow Me Grey control price much economic. I have a number of repeat customer from ebay. I though it might be because of it lower price product. Thus, I don't mind to keep some stock.

I have white hair since I am an employee when I work overtime pass 11.30pm. My white hair remain even I ensure I go to bed before 11.30pm now.(My hair not as severe as Tony Pua)

When Pos malaysia Berhad increase their international postage rate and cause my eBay business become unviable. I have one stock of Follow Me Grey control. As I unable to clear the stock as it will incurred very high postage rate. And the fact that some of the stock have expires date. I decided the goods for my own used. Just as a hair cream.

It is unexpected that after some time of my used. My friends and family ask why my white hair become lesser and lesser. It seem it is effective and chances are my repeat customer from oversea because of it effectiveness rather than lower price.

However, as my intention is to clear stock and used as a hair cream and not expected it effectiveness. I do not have before and after picture to show you.

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