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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Cocoaland merger talk

Cocoaland, which had its listing transferred to the Bursa Malaysia main board from the second board yesterday, opened at 60 sen and closed at 62 sen.

Director Liew Fook Meng said the company was currently in talks with several parties for a possible merger or take-over and hoped to conclude the exercise by year-end. However, he declined to elaborate.

“We also aim to grow export sales by 10% this year,” he said, adding that exports made up 40% of Cocoaland’s revenue in 2005.

Cocoaland manufactures and distributes more than 70 types of food products, including fruit gummy and soft drinks, to more than 30 countries.

Among its better-known products are Koko Jelly chocolate, Lot 100 fruit gummy, Koko Tube chocolate, Be Be snacks, Mum’s Bake cookies and Kabi snacks.

Moving forward, Liew said Cocoaland would strengthen its research and development of healthy snacks. He said consumers were becoming more health conscious and there would be higher demand for healthy snacks in the near future.

The company plans to set up by year-end a new factory in Rawang that is expected to commence operation next year. The facility involves a RM11.5mil investment, inclusive of land, building and machinery costs.

Currently, Cocoaland has four existing plants. It can produce up to 500 tonnes of snacks, 250 tonnes of chocolate and sugar confectionery and 700 tonnes of soft drinks a month.

With the new plant, it will have five factories – three in Selangor and one each in Kuala Lumpur and Kampar, Perak.

Cocoaland Holdings Bhd is targeting a 10% growth in revenue this year buoyed by organic growth, said director Liew Fook Meng.

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Be careful of "Miracle Milk"

The Star[NATION 17-Jul-2006] Don't be fooled by direct-selling agents making claims about an imported “miracle milk product” containing colostrum which can purportedly cure ailments such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure and even AIDS, Kosmo! reported.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Miss Universe 2006 pageant will be telecast live to a worldwide audience on 23 July 2006

2006 Miss Wacoal Malaysia , Miss Malaysia-Universe 2006, Melacca born Melissa Ann Tan 25, will represent Malaysia in the Miss Universe Pageant 2006 in Los Angeles.

Miss Universe 2006 pageant will be telecast live to a worldwide audience on 23 July 2006.

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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Herbal Skinovation a niche cosmetic brand in Malaysia

Datin May Lee Leong, 68, in her youth,was known as a progressive entrepreneur and has been successful in setting up travel and retail businesses. She met her husband in travel agency when he came in to book a ticket.

It was only after 1986, upon demise of her husband that she decided to come out once more in search of new business concept that was both lucrative and at the same time contributed towards the general well being of the public. After ten years of relentless Research & Development (R & D), she found a space where she could move in - The Herbal Skinovation business.

Leong currently lives alone in Camelot, a six-storey castle-like building that is somewhat of a landmark in the Taman Duta area.

She named it Camelot, she said, after Camelot, a play she had seen in London, England, whose romance mirrored her own with Leong.

As the location of the company in Taman Duta area. The company customer comprises mainly rich and famous....Datin and Puan Sri.

Thus, Herbal Skinovation consider a niche product brand in Malaysia

Herbal Skinovation is based on rediscovered formulas of Ancient Chinese Herbal Skincare from the East, and upgraded with technology from the West - the Nanosphere Technology (one billion parts small), making it possible for all creams and lotions applied on the face to be completely and immediately absorbed into the skin within minutes, while at the same time speeding the metabolism of ones skin so that damaged skin can be repaired at a faster pace.

In the company's website, it claim that "All Herbal Skinovation clients must first have the Free Comparison Treatment, even without purchase. Upon purchase - 3 more Free treatments are extended. This is to ensure that clients follow the correct procedure of usage. The 1st free follow up treatment, approx 10 days after purchase is most important. Thereafter, the client may opt to have or may find that further treatment are not required as Herbal Skinovation only require days and weeks, NOT months to show results."

As Datin May Lee Leong devote her time on charity a run the company to pass time after the death of her husband. It is pity that the brand is not well known to the mass market in Malaysia. The product mainly restricted to some upmarket people around Taman Duta area.

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