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Sunday, February 19, 2006

One-stop beauty centre in Subang Jaya

Klang based Titijaya group , which developing controversial Klang Sentral, has come up with an innovative concept. Creating a one-stop beauty centre as a retail component in a condominium.

Called the Beauty City @ Tiaraville, it will be located next to Carrefour in Subang Jaya and will be probably the first of its kind in Malaysia.

It will showcase beauty, fitness and wellness business concepts under one roof. Occupying 70,000 sq ft of the 3.3-acre Tiaraville project, it will be the largest centre of its kind in the Klang Valley.

The 43 Beauty City retail lots are priced from RM281,250 with 375 to 1,205 sq ft built-up area. Purchasers will enjoy 14% net guaranteed rental returns over two years.

''This integrated centre, which will be the only one in the Klang Valley, will boast a beautifully landscaped, music-themed designed lobby and will also be family oriented, providing to needs of the young and old,'' Titijaya group managing director Datuk S.P. Lim said at the sales launch of Beauty City at the Tiaraville property gallery in Subang Jaya.

Lim said the company had surveyed several overseas residential development concepts and found that the facilities available included health and beauty centres.

''These centres help to raise the value of such properties. Hence, we are including such facilities in our Tiaraville,'' he said, adding that sales of Tiaraville Suites had been fantastic.

It has sold over 90% of the units in two blocks and 80% in the other two.

''As a caring developer, we want our valued customers to gain even more by providing further value-added facilities,'' he said.

Deputy Minister of Finance 1, Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen (left) opening a seminar on beauty and health care which was also held in conjunction with the sales launch of Beauty City @ Tiaraville in Subang Jaya on Jan 15, 2006. Looking on are Titijaya Group managing director Datuk S. P. Lim and his daughter Charmaine, the company's director Lim said the centre would have a wide range of beauty and healthcare services, including hair salons, beauty salons, spa retreat, nail bars, fitness and healthcare centres, cosmetic surgery, organic food shops, sandwich bar, yoga studio and dental clinics.

Titijaya director Charmaine Lim Puay Fung said 30% of freehold retail lots were sold on the day of the launch.

Deputy Finance Minister 1 Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen said at the launch the Malaysian market for local cosmetics and toiletries grew by 30% in 2004 to reach almost RM500mil. ''This excluded imported beauty products, which totalled some RM2bil, and Malaysia's exports worth RM1.6bil.''

Excerpt from The Star

Sunday, February 12, 2006

South Korea cosmetic brand and plastic surgery

With the influence of popular South Korea movies TV show. South Korea electrical home appliance, handphone and car has become popular in Malaysia and Asia, so do it cosmetic product.

South Korea LG Group founded in 1947, LG Household & Health Care was the first company in Korea to produce and sell toothpaste, synthetic detergents, and other household supplies and products. The company is currently the leader in the nation's household supplies industry.

In 1959, LG Electronics created the beginnings of Korea's electronics industry by developing the nation's first radio.

In 1984 it expanded into the cosmetics business, and is now developing as a world-class manufacturer of household and health care products.

An attempt by LG's cosmetic division to pentratee Malaysia market fail previously. LG's cosmetic however successfully penetrate Vietnam market. It considered a luxury up market brand in Vietnam.

Another South Korea brand Etude used Song Hye Kyo (宋惠喬) (pic) as it spoke person. This make Etude successfully penetrate counter in Taiwan's department store and Taiwan cosmetic market. Please note that this is different from Japan's Etsu. Etude, however do not have distributor in Malaysia yet.

Other than that, Korea is a country for plastic surgery. It is said that plastic surgery in Korea is about twice as much as it in Japan.If it includes country population comparison, the number of people who have done plastic surgery in Korea is going to be about five to ten times larger than it of the Japanese.

40min. by car from Incheon International Airport, Korea, and go further away by train for 20 min. more, ,you will get Kangnam. I n this district, there is a popular road known as "cosmetic surgery street".

Just like it says, you can see a bunch of plastic surgeons standing next each other on that street. If you go there and just take a look around, plastic surgeons are everywhere.

Why is cosmetic surgeon that popular in Korea?

Japanese women are very attracted to Korean cosmetic surgery on magazines. And as another reason, we can say that Korean boom is sweeping Japan right now.

Actually, some travel companies are now ready to take Japanese women for Korean cosmetic surgeon tours including sight seeing and shopping of course.

Not only Japanese, people from China also has jump on the bandwagon.

Big corporation like Samsung also offer such service on it website.

Malaysia has promoted Penang as a location for plastic surgery. It is still an uphill task to compete with South Korea.

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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Direct Selling Company that listed on Bursa Malaysia

Bursa Malaysia has numerous direct selling or multi-level marketing company.

Main board, we have US's multinational Amway. Most of Malaysia direct selling company and multilevel marketing company unable to survive more than 25 years. US's multinational Amway is one of the rare company in the industry that able to survive longer than that. Thus, it consider a stable company in the industry.

Amway, however was facing fierce competiton from numerous company in Malaysia and company from US and Taiwan.

In Malaysia, one company that emulate Amway is Cosway. The company is control by Berjaya Group or Tan Sri Vincent Tan. Cosway, however, have to compete with amway, which appear more stable and tested in history position.

In direct selling or multi-level marketing business, if a company collapse means all the down line you build up has been loss!

One of the Second Board listed company Hai-O also operate a direct selling division. At one point of time Hai-O's Tongkat Ali (A herb that have similar function of virgra) was the only branded Tongkat Ali in Malaysia. Now, we have numerous company selling Tongkat Ali. One of the company that grow to become a main board company is CNI.

CNI flagship product is it 3 in 1 beverage, which combine Tongkat Ali and Ginsing into coffee. The market , however, was threaten by a non-direct selling company Ali Cafe. Thus, the market has saturated and CNI ha to diversified to other product to counter such competition.

Mesdaq listed company INS Bioscience Bhd flagship product wheatgrass market was threaten by a company form by it ex-employee and shareholder, Yigaho. Both company has enter into legal battle recently.

INS Bioscience Bhd also launch a diabetes product recently.

One of the direct selling company that listed on the main board of Bursa Malaysia is DXN. It flagship product Lingzhi, despite having competitor, still unable to threaten it market shares. Thus, I feel DXN is the most stable public listed direct selling company in the market. It do not have major competitor is an advantage over other multi-level marketing company.

DXN was founded by Dr. Lim Siow Jin, a graduate from the famed Indian Institute of Technology.

Dr. Lim Siow Jin has keen interest in mushrooms and their relationships with human health. To better understand this relationship, Dr. Lim has traveled far and wide in search of The King of all Herbs - Lingzhi. After more than twenty years of research and scientific analysis, Dr. Lim finally discovered the benefits of Lingzhi, the king of all herbs, to mankind.

realizing the importance and benefits of Lingzhi, Dr. Lim began sharing his knowledge about this miraculous herb with his friends, and they too were greatly impressed with its beneficial medicinal value. However, Dr. Lim did not stop there. He believed he should form a company to make known to people about this miraculous herb and the benefits that can be derived from it. In 1993, Dr. Lim's dream came true when he established DXN.

Today DXN have a Lingzhi Farm and GMP standard Pharmaceutical Factory.

Update: There is more than one diabete supplement that produced from bitter gourd available for sales in pharmacy. Thus, all product from INS has competitors.

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Monday, February 06, 2006

INS legal battle with Lim Chew Yin and Yigaho

News of Mesdaq listed INS Bioscience Bhd's
CEO Datuk David Yeat Sew Chuong sue ex-HVD actress, ex-spoke person of INS Miss Lim Chew Yin appear on all the chinese newspaper in Malaysia.

Lim Chew Yin now operate Yigaho which also sell wheat grass compete directly with Datuk David Yeat's INS Bioscience Bhd.

Datuk David Yeat and INS claim Lim Chew Yin stated that the award win by INS in Geneva and Hong Kong belong to Lim and Yigaho is untrue.

Whereas Lim Chew Yin claim that wheat grass market by INS was research and develop by his brother Lim Soon Hooi. Lim Soon Hooi was ex-General Manager of INS whereas Lim Chew Yin was ex-marketing Manager of INS.

Lim Chew Yin claim that she started weat grass business since 1995. In 2000, Datuk David Yeat approach them to form a joint venture to R&D and market wheat grass. Lim brother and sister collectively own 30% of INS.

Lim Chew Yin claim INS suppose to pay her brother 2% royalty per year but fail to do so after both of them departed the company to form Yigaho in Devember 2003.

Lim Chew Yin also deny rumour in the market that she get 4 million on disposal of her shares in INS. She only get approximately RM200 thousand for the stake.

However, based on INS Bioscience Bhd market capitalization now. 30% stake cost 4 million is not excessive. She get a bad deal if she get merely RM200 thousand?

Related News : Guang Ming Daily

Update : Guang Ming Daily

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Saturday, February 04, 2006

From hair styling to beauty and slimming

APT group start as a hairdressing outlet in Kapar Klang by Ann Wong. Ann Wong was a partner-cum-CEO of Thomas & Guys. She was official hairstylist and consultant for a lot of Beauty Pageant held in Malaysia.

In 2001, Ann Wong was invited by Wella, an well known international hair care company to compile her creations and interpret future trend at Wella Trend Vision.

In December 2004, Figure Line Beauty Service Sdn Bhd a slimming and beauty parlour joined APT Group. Figure Line Beauty Service Sdn Bhd founded by Janet Wang. In 1999, Janet was invited as a judger for Ms. Hattrick Contest in Klang Valley, not forgetting she was also the judger for the 27th Asia Make up Competition in Hong Kong 2003.

In 1997 Janet brought in the Malaysia first 21st Century Embroidery Technique namely Painless Lips & Eyebrow Embroidery System from Singapore, 1998 the talk of the beauty industry which the Malaysia first Advance Laser Painless Tattoo Color Removal technique, In year 2002, she was brought in the first Non-surgical Natural Double Eyelids technique from Japan. Nevertheless, she was also brought in the Eyebrow Embroidery Implantation Hand Works in the year of 2003 from Beijing – China and in year of 2004, she was brought in the latest Non-surgical Permanent Armpits Odor Removal Therapy from Japan.

Since the merger with Figure Line in December 2004, the name "APT Professional Team" was officially adopted. It has 15 salon outlets, 4 academy, more than 200 staffs and it own brand within one year.

APT group consider one of the marketing savvy beauty and cosmetic group in Selangor. You can see it Bill Board every way in Klang town.

Update : A bit similar to Loreal...From Hair care to cosmetic
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